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Enabling In-Orbit Services at scale with native AI in space

SPAICE is building AI-based software delivered via a robotic kit, equipping satellites to autonomously navigate and operate in space.

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Filling the missing layer of satellite maintenance for a sustainable growth

As the satellite population is growing from ~8,000 nowadays to 58,000 by 2030, satellite servicing is the only way to reduce the $1T lost for inoperative satellites. Our software is designed for perception, navigation, and robotic operations in space for fully autonomous servicing.


Generalized data-driven perception

Proactive identification of space assets, reconstruction of 3D scenes, precise object tracking using minimal onboard computing resources.

Available 24/7

Using sensor fusion, we achieve enhanced safety and precision by leveraging multiple modalities for redundancy and robustness, as well as broadening operating scenarios (including low illumination) through complementary sensing capabilities.

Target-agnostic Sensing

Our generalizable learning technologies eliminate the need for target-specific information and mission-specific constraints, facilitating the reuse of algorithms across diverse missions.

Unlimited Photorealistic Simulations

We can simulate any potential scenario with Generative AI, leading to over 1 million photorealistic images and multi-sensor data covering a wide range of conditions and objects.

Handle non-cooperative targets

No need for communication with the target. Its position and dynamics are estimated through passive sensing, without relying on markers or reflectors.


Optimal Navigation for all Mission Requirements

Plan trajectories and make decisions fully autonomously given the constraints and features of the operating space environment

Fuel saving

Trained to optimize trajectories according to universal mission requirements

On-Board planning

Real-time planning, control, and decision-making on the edge

Enhanced safety and precision

Operating in situations where Earth-to-space communications make human intervention imprecise

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Intelligent Multitask Robots to service all satellites

Different operations require different manipulation skills. Trained on different configurations, we are developing the space robotics brain to solve the control tasks that will enable assembly, repair and docking of satellites in orbit


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